Fighter Aircraft Harness Support

SDVOSB Wiring Harness Development and Manufacturing Solutions

Co-Operative Industries Defense, LLC d.b.a. CIA&D (Co-Operative Industries Aerospace & Defense), is a Service Disabled Veteran Owned Small Business whose primary focus is on supporting the military, aerospace and defense industries. The organization is a ‘sister’ company to Co-Operative Industries Aerospace. Both companies manufacture electrical wiring harnesses, cable assemblies, ignition leads, and flexible conduit assemblies.

CIA&D specializes in serving Prime Contractors for government military programs. Our goal is to provide our customers with the quality products and services they have come to expect, while at the same time helping them meet their government contract commitments. We are AS9100 registered and utilize the already established systems and dedicated work force of our ‘sister’ company, Co-Operative Industries Aerospace.

Capabilities PresentationBased in Fort Worth, Texas, Co-Operative Industries Defense manufactures electrical wiring interconnects, ignition leads, and flexible conduits for airframe, engine, and ground support equipment. We are a customer and results oriented company, working with the customer to bring about the best possible solution to a given challenge.

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Manufacturing Capabilities

  • Manufacturer of electrical wiring harnesses, cable assemblies, and ignition leads
  • Engineering Support for New Development or Build-to-Print Projects
  • Stable, Experienced Workforce
  • Develop Automated Harness Test Equipment
  • IPC J-STD-001 Certified Solder Trainers
  • End Item Acceptance Delegation (self-sourced)
  • High Temperature Conveyer Ovens
  • Induction Brazing
  • Laser Stripping of Insulated Cables / Wires (RTMC/Spectrum Technology
    CO2 laser wire Stripper)
  • Laser Wire Marking (Spectrum Technology C50-300 UV Laser System)
  • Full In-House Machine Shop
  • In-House Braiding Capabilities
    (Wardwell and New England Butt); Metal, Nomex®, PEEK™, Kevlar®, and many other textiles
  • In-House Manufacture of Flexible Metal Conduit
  • In-House Glass-to-Metal Hermetically
    Sealed Connectors



  • 121,096 sq ft (11,250 sq m) newly renovated facility
  • Houses expanded harness manufacturing and repair station capabilities
  • Includes a segregated 14,000 sq ft (1,300 sq m) Hose & Conduit Facility
  • Approximately 100 Employees


Current Programs

You know our customers. We are a key supplier to OEMs and manufacturers in both the military and commercial arenas. We proudly support the efforts of the Department of Defense, Lockheed Martin, Raytheon, and other prime contractors.

  • F-35 Fuselage and Wing Wiring Harnesses, Harness Modifications
  • F-22 Airframe Harnesses
  • F-16 Communication Harnesses, Harness Assemblies, Test Harnesses, Panel Assemblies, and Kits
  • UAV Wing and Avionic Harnesses
  • Surface-to-Air Defense Harnesses
  • P-3 and P-8 Surveillance Radar Harnesses
  • Combat System Harnesses
  • Customized Test Harnesses
  • C130 / T56 Ignition Leads, QEC, and Engine Harnesses

Legacy Programs

Co-Operative Industries is the original interconnect OEM for the following engine programs:

  • F404 Ignition Leads, Engine Harnesses, and J-box
  • J79 Harnesses & Ignition Leads
  • J85 Harnesses and J-Box
  • TF34 Ignition Leads and Engine Harnesses
  • TF39 Ignition Leads and Engine Harnesses
  • T56 Ignition Leads and Engine Harnesses
  • T58 Ignition Leads, Engine Harnesses and J-Box
  • T64 Harnesses and Ignition Leads
  • T700 Ignition Leads and Engine Harnesses