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Aircraft Engine, Fuselage, Nacelle, Landing Gear, and System Wire Harnesses
Harness Engineering Support

Electrical Wiring Harnesses and Cable Assemblies for
Military, Aerospace and Defense Applications

CIA&D supports our nations Defense industry with precision electrical wiring harnesses. Our extensive experience with wiring interconnect products allows us to work with our customers in developing the best possible product for the given application. We recognize the need for minimum weight, maximum reliability, maintainability, and cost effectiveness.

Aircraft, engine, fuselage, wing, airframe, ground support, and maritime applications include signal transmission, power distribution, QEC, communication and test wire harnesses. We specialize in wiring harness applications that stand up to hostile and extreme environments. In addition to the applications listed, our product lines also support marine based gas turbine engines.

Electrical Harness and Cable Assembly Highlights

  • Wiring Harness Fabrication and Manufacturing
  • Repairable Designs
  • Environmentally Engineered
  • Durable, Lightweight Materials
  • Potted, Closed, or Strain-Relief Style Backshells (MIL Spec or Custom)
  • Cylindrical connector designs as well as D-sub and micro-miniature
  • Hybrid and Customized Designs
  • In-house Over-Braiding with Metal, Nomex®, PEEK™, Kevlar®, or other protective materials
  • Harness Development, Build-to-Print and PMA services are available


Open Bundle Wire HarnessOpen Bundle Harnesses

Open bundle harnesses are open and accessible, making them the preferred design if repairability is a consideration. Because there is no external braiding, sheathing, or covers over the wire jackets, backshells, and connectors they can be repaired and or replaced if needed. This design is common for signal and communication harnesses and can be found on engines, nacelles, and fuselages.





Closed Bundle Wire HarnessClosed Bundle Harnesses

Closed bundle harness designs are ideal for hostile environments where ultimate protection is required. The harness branches are enclosed with materials that protect the inner wire jackets and conductors from mechanical damage and electrical (EMI) compromises. Our in-house over-braiding capabilities include metal, Nomex®, PEEK™, Kevlar®, and other protective materials. Closed bundle harnesses are found on gas turbine engines, hot engine sections, or other extreme environments.

As an added feature, backshells and junctions can be potted or encapsulated with pottable silicones or expandable silicone foam. This offers an extra measure of strength and vibration resistance.


Overmold Harness BackshellsOvermold Harnesses

This design offers molded exterior protection for electrical cable and harness backshells. The use of fluoropolymer elastomers and fluorosilicones gives harness products improved durability, strength, vibration protection, and fluid resistance.






Hybrid Harness DevelopmentCustomized and Hybrid Harnesses

We can work with you to develop customized harnesses for unique applications. Examples include fiber optic integration to copper wire, engineered drip loops, custom routing applications, and reworkable backshell designs. In addition to cylindrical connectors and jacketed copper wire, we can integrate D-sub, micro-miniature connectors, CAT 5 & 6 USB, and impedance cables. Applications include on-board camera systems, missile systems, avionics, and communications.




Landing Gear Harnesses and ConduitLanding Gear Harnesses and Conduits

Landing Gear Harness assemblies transmit signals between the various sensors and switches of the LG to the onboard computers. In addition to our PMA approved assemblies, we can develop and manufacture complete landing gear harnesses or we can supply non-wired assemblies. Our in-house conduit manufacturing and braiding capabilities offer significant advantages over other suppliers.





Test harnesses and ATEsTest Equipment Harnesses

For effective testing, we can develop test harnesses that are designed to match your specific applications. In addition to high quality cable interconnects, you can count on the added value of reliable program and interface support.